Behind the brand

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"When it comes to the creative process and brainstorming regarding the brand, we get truly excited! From the very beginning, the challenge was to put all of our thoughts on paper to articulate the core messages both graphically and from a content perspective. Just like any designer conceptualizing a collection, we approached our overall branding strategy by creating mood boards! Being visual people who are inspired by fashion, beauty, pop culture, interior design, architectural rendering and the culinary world, we set forth a visual directive for NU EVOLUTION.

We were attracted to purple due to its majestic affiliations in addition to having been the love of fashion designers for decades; both reasons fueled our commitment to solidifying this signature color for NU EVOLUTION. To add an ode to the fashion and interior design industries, we incorporated a chevron print on the inside of our box and throughout elements of our communications materials. Every facet of our brand from graphics, content, names for products, etc. is a labor of love that comes from everything we are passionate about in life!



"Coming up with the names for our collection, we did what any true foodie, drink connoisseur, international globe trotter and lover of pop culture would do. We tapped into our favorite places, drinks and culinary delights. We thought about the places and experiences that have become a part of who we are, and brought them to life in the line.”

— Nadine Cormier & Sandra Anderson Diaz



Our first photo shoot was with a model named Hanna Rose. There is no denying Hanna’s beautiful features. The angles on her face are not only stunning, but she can become a chameleon in a hot second with a dash of rouge on her lips. She is a gorgeous beauty model, but what makes her really cool is her overall healthy lifestyle and beauty regime.

Our last photo shoot was with a model named Claudia Liberova. As you can see, she is nothing short of stunning. In order to be successful in this industry, Models have to live a certain lifestyle to keep their physique and skin looking its best. That lifestyle varies by model, but to learn more about her, check out our blog.