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August 13, 2014 - NEW YORK, NY – NU EVOLUTION, a new natural and organic cosmetic and lifestyle brand has just launched, positioned to transform the beauty industry and how women think about the products they use every day. NU EVOLUTION was founded on the premise that the products you use to look stylish and beautiful on the outside should never be harmful to the inside; it’s true luxury without toxicity, and style with real substance.

Although NU EVOLUTION is a natural product line, its inspiration is rooted in high fashion, style and pop culture. The founders believe that women might suffer in stilettos, but your health should never suffer for flawless looking skin or highlighted eyes.

Coming from the Fashion industry, Co-founder Nadine Cormier has an insider's view of what is needed in the market. “There was a gap in the industry for women who are fashionable and have an elevated aesthetic, but also live a holistic lifestyle and are seeking products that fit both spectrum of their lifestyle, “says Cormier. “We want to not only become the ‘it’ beauty brand sought out for amazing colors and results, but to empower women to take charge of their life and leave their old toxic world behind.”

NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics offers the sophisticated color palette in finishes and textures that women covet, wrapped in lux packages inspired by fashion and interior design. The differentiating feature is the amazing functionality and results of the products, on par with what you expect from other top beauty brands. It’s a comprehensive cosmetic collection, which includes a range of products, from face and cheeks to eyes and lips. NU EVOLUTION products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A.

Consumers have an overwhelming number of choices, and are inundated with products claiming to be All Natural’,” says Sandra Anderson Diaz, NU EVOLUTION Co-Founder. “The most shocking truth that we have learned on our journey is that your skin absorbs more than 60% of what is applied topically; whether it’s your makeup, lotion or shampoo. This means your pores are drinking up a toxic cocktail that goes directly into your bloodstream.”


Coming from the powerhouse Fashion and Financial industries in New York, top executives Cormier and Anderson Diaz set out on a quest to find alternatives to the propylene glycol (also known as antifreeze!), phthalates, parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients used in most mainstream beauty products.

As professional women, they bring the same level of drive and passion to their business careers as they do to living healthy lifestyles. So, they were inspired to find products that were not only safe and natural, but effective and reflective of their taste and personal style. They became frustrated with the lack of healthy yet stylish options because there is nothing beautiful about the toxic ingredients in most products on the market.

This was the prime inspiration and driving force behind their need to create NU EVOLUTION: The belief that you can be on the cutting edge of style and look fabulous, without putting your health at risk.

NU EVOLUTION was recently launched and is available online at

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