WE ARE OBSESSED! Less than 24 hour results with KPS Essentials Skincare - NO LIE!

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We are very demanding when it comes to finding products (outside of makeup, of course) that perform against our clean beauty expectations. Our mothers are laughing right now as the word "demanding" is putting it lightly. We will tell it like it is and not sugar coat the truth based on our experience. And we will not recommend ANY products if we don't love it ourselves, period. . As you all know, we rarely recommend brands however, we had to share this story about Sandra's sister, who had a mind-blowing [before and after] experience with the RENU Face cream from KPS Essentials, and guess what...their products are VEGAN, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Non-GMO, PETA Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified​.  Truth be told, Sandra received a sample of the RENU Face Cream from KPS Essentials a long time ago and set it aside in her bathroom with all the other samples she received from industry events. One day recently, she discovered the KPS RENU Face Cream and other skincare samples and decided to give them to her sister, who was suffering from skin issues on her face for about the past 5 years. While her sister was never formally diagnosed by a dermatologist, she self-diagnosed as we all do, LOL. She thought she had either Acne-induced Rosacea, or Milia. Her skin looked angry and red, with tiny white bumps that would not go away despite her trying so many products. . Frustrated and self-conscious for all these years, she decided to try the KPS RENU Face Cream one night. To her absolute surprise, when she woke up the next day, her skin was completely clear! Are you kidding me? It didn't even take 24 hours. Wow, that is impressive!

She was so shocked and couldn't believe it since she suffered from this condition for so long and learned to live with it! Without knowing what she did the night before, her husband commented on how great her skin looked the next morning! She immediately called Sandra to share the amazing news!  . Sandra was so happy knowing how hard the journey has been for her sister, both emotionally and physically! As a brand founder herself, she felt compelled to call KPS Essentials to share this incredible transformation. The customer service representative patched her through to Natalie, the brand founder, to her surprise. Talk about a small world; Natalie and her partner had already met Nadine at an industry event a couple of years back and clicked, so she already knew all about NU EVOLUTION! Coincidence??? We think NOT! They continued to swap stories, shared their passion/mission behind their brands, and developed a new friendship!   . Honestly, not only are Natalie and her Partner Ron the most genuinely kind people, but they are brilliant formulators who stand behind their products and use only the best natural/organic ingredients that they can source!  Don't take our word for it, check out the before and after pix of some of their client testimonials! 

Seriously, Sandra is now obsessed with their products after using them for about a week! While she doesn't have skin issues, she has aging skin and naturally wants to look her best...aka younger. Let's be real, Who doesn't! Nadine has also starting using the RENU Face cream and is having a positive response to the product thus far. . Let's face it, COVID and other events happening around us right now have been challenging to say the least. Therefore, we decided to spread some love and pre-holiday cheer with a giveaway.


For details on how to enter, please go to our social accounts:  @nuevolutioncosmetics  and @kpsessentials


As always, there is no better time than the present to say THANK YOU for all your enthusiasm and support! We wouldn't be where we are today without all of you!

XO, Sandra and Nadine


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