The Fresh Face Look You Should Try Before Summer's Over!

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Article by, Alexandria Haynes

NU EV loves the drama of a full face of makeup and its ability to transform and brighten our best features. With that being said, every now and then we like to switch things up, dial the drama back if you will, and go with a more natural look. While researching summer makeup trends we kept coming across one look, in particular, that does just that, and that was none other than the “No-Makeup Makeup” look. The trendy look was heavily featured on the red carpet at the Balmain X Beats by Dre party in Los Angeles a week ago, as well as spotted on several runways over the past few seasons. We just loved the effortless appearance of the look, which is intended to highlight your faces already naturally gorgeous features. As you know, NU EV is all about using natural resources for beauty, so we’ve become obsessed and think everyone should give it a try, at least once, on one of those days where less feels like more.

 The "no-makeup" makeup look isn't exactly new but has recently been popping up all over the runways, red carpet, and on social media. It's even being embraced by big name celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Kerry Washington, Beyoncé, and several members of an infamous family of reality tv starlets. Hint, their names all start with K. Yes, even the makeup mavens to the drama of full face makeup have been seen several times out and about in LA and NYC sporting the look! Now the no-makeup makeup look should not be confused with Alicia Keys absolutely no makeup look. Because we quite simply just wouldn't want to live in a world without any makeup! This look is just more a concentrated effort to highlight your faces natural features while looking like you have spent minimal effort getting ready for your day.

While Beyoncé may roll out of bed and wake up “flawless”, most of us face a very different tune in the morning. Despite all of our face washing, moisturizing, and pre-bed primping, it just takes a little more effort for us to look like we woke up flawlessly. By using just a little boost from our makeup bags on a more toned down day, we think the no-makeup makeup look is a great way to have your best features shown off and still look like "we woke up like this"! Below we've outlined some simple steps to help achieve the desired look which can be great for a day at the office or grabbing drinks with friends on a nice summer evening.


1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! Well-hydrated skin looks more radiant, so after cleaning your face apply a drop of your favorite oil. Try Jojoba oil, Seabuckthorn Oil or Shea Butter if you don't have a go-to oil. Let it sit for a minute or two.

 2. Blush/ Bronzer. Applying blush or bronzer before foundation application helps create a “natural” glow-from-within look that won’t streak or get splotchy later.

 3. Foundation. Apply foundation as a concealer, rather than for full face coverage. Use a dab or two under your eyes, and around your nostrils. Blend this up around the inner corners of your eyes, using just a touch on your eyelids (in lieu of eyeshadow). If you want a hint of color, use a small amount of eyeshadow in shades such as Chiffon, and for an additional little shimmer try Tropez or Mica.

If your skin needs a bit more coverage because of hyperpigmentation or variance in tone, use a damp makeup sponge, apply camouflage cream, and then press the sponge onto your target areas. Using camouflage cream as a concealer and or a foundation allows for easy buildable coverage depending on your skin's exact needs. Remember, a good makeup sponge is a no-makeup makeup looks secret weapon!

4. Lips. Apply lip balm for moisture, then depending on your skin tone, use a pinkish-nude or pinkish-brown lipstick or lipgloss. If you prefer a matte look we'd recommend Allure, or Fierce if you have a medium to darker complexion.

If you want a hint of color try a gloss like Lush, Bliss, or Naughty.

 5. Curl your lashes. Depending on your desired look, swipe on a coat or two, or even three, of a buildable mascara like Black to define your lashes.

 6. Eyebrows. Eyebrows are naturally the darkest at the arches. Try using an eye shadow like Chocolate Mousse, Mica, or Onyx to shade/ shape your brows a bit, just remember to focus most of the color on your arches.

We know the "no-makeup" makeup look isn't going to be everyone's go to look for their “day-off” from makeup days. So for those of you hesitating to set most of your makeup bag aside, even for just a day, try using Poppy Delevingne's helpful twist on the look, as pictured above. By using a sudden pop of color on your lips it will help add a touch of youthfulness. Adding a little blush to contour your cheeks will help add definition by drawing attention to and highlighting your best features. Finally, use a colorful lip gloss like Velvet or Seduction to complete this variation of the look.

As you know, NU EV is always looking to give you the latest trend update and options to switch things up, and this fun flirty look is no different. Personally, it's quickly become one of my go to summer makeup looks. So, for those of you who have seen the trend and wanted to try it out but were a little intimidated, we hope these tricks of the trade help!

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