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Article by: Alexandria Hanes

Graphic by: Thuy Le 

Photography: Amy Schneider & Andrew Werner

Get in NUbies, we’re going shopping… lipstick shopping that is!

It’s that time of year again NU EV junkies! National Lipstick Day, the annual celebration of one of the world’s favorite and oldest beauty item is here! If you look at the history of lipstick, you’d find this product has been a makeup bag must-have for centuries! First making its way into beauty routines all the way back in 3000 BC, in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Lipstick has come a long way from being made of crushed gems, bugs, and poisonous plants. Now we celebrate the cosmetic by giving it its very own day of celebration and making cute lipstick prints all over the place! While National Lipstick Day is not a certified holiday, we think it should be. As a staple cosmetic in almost every makeup bag, lipstick can really make or break a look. Whether it’s a fresh face look with a simple nude or peach lip, or you’re feeling the drama with a bit of red or a deep plum lip, we think most makeup lovers would agree, one of the best ways to celebrate the day is to try one, or two new shades.

Another way we‘re celebrating the day this year is by partnering up with the Find Your Fabulosity charity organization to donate some of our lipsticks to women who could use a little extra love right now. Find Your Fabulosity (FYF) is dedicated to helping survivors of domestic abuse look and feel fabulous through the power of lipstick. After volunteering at her local women’s domestic violence shelter, Sheryl Kurland, president and founder of FYF, remembered her mother’s old saying… “If you want to feel better, put on a little lipstick!”. Seeing how gifting lipstick to some of the women of the shelters helped them blossom into “joy and happiness… as their pain lifted”, led Sheryl to dedicate herself to FYF with the goal to make survivors “feel self-love”. Here at NU EV, we’ve always known lipstick was a powerful beauty tool, so we’re excited to celebrate it by using our lipstick line as a tool to help heal and empower women as well!

So NUbies, celebrate National Lipstick Day, this July 29th, by kissing and telling us all about it! Kidding (kinda), help us celebrate this year by trying out a new shade and donating one too! While we hope you join us, but the most important thing is that you show your lipstick collection a little love on its special day. Don’t forget to tag us in your lipstick selfies, and tell us which NU EV shade is your favorite!





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