Mineral Makeup Gift Box: A Perfect Gift Idea This Holiday Season!

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It may seem hard to believe, but it’s once again the time of year when festivities abound and that holiday cheer is in the air. Amidst all the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring, you might find yourself overwhelmed with a plethora of new responsibilities. Nobody said the holidays would be easy. With Christmas or Hanukkah and other holidays of the like just around the corner, you perhaps are frantically scrambling to make plans and organize your holiday schedule. And of course, don’t forget the gifts!  When searching for the perfect gift for your friend, family member, or coworker, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. If you find yourself stumped, consider a mineral makeup gift box and the many reasons it makes a perfect gift for this holiday season.

First, consider why mineral makeup is such a hot trend in the cosmetics industry. Mineral makeup is a new alternative to traditional makeup and is made up of all natural and organic ingredients. Thanks to ingredients such as mica, silica, and a variety of natural extracts derived from the earth, mineral makeup is a safe option for all skin types. Many with acne prone or sensitive skin have found that they can comfortably wear mineral makeup without further irritation. In addition, mineral makeup has been proven to offer smoother and more consistent coverage than traditional makeup and often has anti-aging properties for glowing, youthful skin.

While mineral makeup has become increasingly popular over the years, gift boxes have been following closely behind. Gift boxes usually group together a number of similar items into one stylish and compact container, making it the perfect ready-to-give gift for anyone on your shopping list at a better value than if purchased individually. A makeup gift box is a great way for consumers to test out any variety of cosmetics in a number of different shades.

mineral makeup gift box

At NU EVOLUTION, we sell four different kinds of mineral makeup gift boxes, each with their own unique color palette. Each gift box pairs together two mineral based lipsticks and lip glosses. Each one of our lip cosmetics is made with the finest quality ingredients. For example, our lip gloss is made with a non-sticky formula crafted with a nourishing blend of cocoa and shea butter, coconut, castor, and jojoba oil. Our richly pigmented lipsticks are adaptable for desired levels of intensity and are made with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Both our lipsticks and lip glosses come in a variety of diverse shades. For example, our first gift box features the Berryliscious lip gloss and the Chianti lipstick, both fabulous colors to inspire confidence in the wearer.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the beauty junkie in your life, why not take a look at our makeup gift boxes created by the company that founded options for the Beauty Junkie WITHOUT the Junk ®? Rest assured that our cosmetics are beneficial for all skin types—and we have a wide variety of shades. 

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