Mineral Foundations: Makeup Bag Must-Haves

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It’s no secret that most women enjoy the practicalities of a good makeup bag. However, it can be a struggle to decide what to include in your makeup bag and what isn’t as necessary. When putting together your makeup bag, it’s imperative to include the makeup that you use on a daily basis as well as products that are of a consistent and beneficial quality. This will help you to follow the golden rule—less is more, and when you’ve got the right products, this can be easy! When crafting your makeup bag, try starting with a reliable foundation. Consider the benefits behind mineral foundations.


What is mineral foundation? Mineral foundations are just like traditional foundation—except many consumers consider them to be much better. Mineral foundations derive their ingredients from the natural components found in the earth, such as mica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide, making it better for your skin than traditional cosmetics. Conventional makeup uses harmful chemicals and dangerous ingredients, while mineral makeup is presented as all natural, organic, and even hypo-allergenic. Mineral makeup works with the natural oils already found in your skin and the ingredients add natural water resistance to the product. It’s important to be careful while searching for mineral makeup, however. Some brands advertise their products as mineral-based, but a further look into the ingredients will show that they’ve also incorporated chemicals.

There are many benefits to using mineral foundations. They are often easier to apply, offer skin enhancing benefits like anti-aging properties, and come in a wide variety of shades to match your skin tone. Mineral foundation is a great option for anyone, but especially those with sensitive skin or anyone who is prone to breakouts. These products often use less ingredients and more wholesome components, ensuring a simplistic, and rewarding, experience.

loose powderAt NU EVOLUTION cosmetics, we offer a variety of mineral foundations. We understand that everyone has different preferences and because of this, we are committed to offering a diverse and inclusive experience. One of our foundations is the complete coverage liquid foundation, with a medium to full coverage that has a smooth and natural finish. We also offer a loose powder foundation made with mineral powder and additional soothing ingredients, with building coverage. Our third foundation is a pressed powder, best for concealing pores and offering a flawless finish. The fourth one is the camouflage cream that can be used as a concealer and also doubles as a buildable medium to full coverage foundation. All of these foundations combine the best natural ingredients to cover and protect sensitive skin. NU EVOLUTION does not sell anything containing dangerous ingredients such as gluten, mineral oil, and parabens.

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The next time you’re packing your makeup bag, don’t forget the foundation! In fact, take it a step further and invest in some quality mineral foundation. You’ll feel great and so will your skin, and you’ll have a makeup bag ready for anything.

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