Meet The Founders Of NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics

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Sharing our philosophy of avoiding toxicity in our beauty routine is what fuels the NU EVOLUTION team. Our goals are to educate women and men about selecting a more natural approach to high glam. We don't want to settle for beauty, and we don't think you should also!

NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics caters to the beauty junkie without the junk!

Meet the Founders behind NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics!


Q. Tell us why you started NU EVOLUTION (what's your origin story?).

A. We are two executive women who bring the same level of drive and passion for our careers as we do to living holistic lifestyles. As beauty junkies and style-obsessed women, we’ve always been drawn to the latest products and trends on the market. We are just as committed to living healthy lives and are very conscious about what we consume and apply to our skin.

Having come from executive careers in both the Luxury Fashion & Financial industries, we were intrigued by the opportunities in the cosmetic industry due to the major gap between top beauty brands vs. the natural brands.

As busy women who lead hectic lives, we were also inspired to find products that were not only effective but reflective of our taste and personal style. We became frustrated with the lack of healthy yet stylish options, and know that there is nothing beautiful about the toxic ingredients in most products on the market. There were limited options for fashionable women who have an elevated aesthetic, but also live a holistic lifestyle and are seeking products that meet both spectrums of their lifestyle. (should delete it is repetitive)

This was the prime inspiration and driving force behind our need to create NU EVOLUTION. We believe that you can look fabulous, without putting your health at risk.

Equipped with an overall wealth of professional experience, and armed with the knowledge gained through our extensive research, we were confident that we could create the next “it” beauty brand.

Not willing to settle for anything less than what we expect from other brands, we set out to create a natural and organic-based cosmetic brand, with a color selection, innovative formulas, and packaging that reflects our true passion for high fashion, beauty and pop culture from around the world.

We benchmarked our brand to hang with NARS, BOBBI BROWN, LAURA MERCIER & Trish McEvoy from a price point and aesthetic, but the differentiating feature is that NU EVOLUTION products are made with natural and organic ingredients. What sets us apart as a natural and organic brand, is our affiliation with the Fashion Industry and having the inside track of what is hot and what’s not.

Through the process of developing the branding architecture, we solidified our mission statement; “Luxury without Toxicity, Style with Real Substance” to reflect the true essence of what NU EVOLUTION stands for.

Once the mission statement was defined, our tag line was born...FOR THE BEAUTY JUNKIE WITHOUT THE JUNK®!


Q. Why is it important for us to be concerned about what we’re putting on our skin?

A. Lotions, creams, fragrances, foundation, and lipstick are part of an unregulated multi-billion dollar beauty and personal care industry. Companies are allowed to put almost anything in products, including known toxins that are linked to cancer, skin reactions, allergies, endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, and other debilitating diseases.

Consumers have an overwhelming number of choices and are inundated with products that are not as clean as they claim to be. The most shocking truth that we have learned on our journey is that your skin absorbs more than 60% of what is applied topically; whether it’s your makeup, lotion or shampoo. This means your pores are drinking up a toxic cocktail that goes directly into your bloodstream.”

Knowing that more than 60% of what you apply to your skin is directly absorbed into your bloodstream, we set out on a quest to find alternatives to the propylene glycol (also known as antifreeze!) phthalates, parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients used in most mainstream beauty products.

We don’t believe that the products we use to look stylish and beautiful on the outside should be harmful to us on the inside. We might suffer in stilettos, but we don’t want our health to suffer for flawless looking skin or highlighted eyes.


Q. What has changed most in the green beauty industry since you started your BRAND?

A. We have definitely shaken some cages when we launched to the public. We have (delete) noticed an isolated few brands have upped their game since our launch, which makes this green circle even more fabulous. It simply shows that this ECO Chic industry is growing, and it’s surely moving away from the old stigma that existed in the past. It’s really exciting for us to be part of an industry that new green beauty brands are launching on the scene to offer more options and choices compared to years ago. NU EVOLUTION has carved out a niche, unlike any other Green Beauty brand by offering sophisticated color palettes in finishes and textures that women covet, wrapped in lux packages inspired Fashion and Interior Design and pop culture.

The fact that NU EVOLUTION was the first and only natural and organic brand BEAUTY SPONSOR for 3 seasons of Fashion Week since launching in August 2014, speaks volumes to an industry dominated by major beauty brands. To be on the same playing field with multimillion-dollar global brands who have "owned" the makeup sponsorships during NYFW for years means green beauty brands like us are taking the world by designer at a time!

According to Green Beauty celebrity makeup up artist Kristen Arnett, Nu Evolution seems to be positioning themselves to become the MAC of the green world, designing products and color palettes on par with the big boys (and girls) in cosmetics.


Q. When you think about working on your line, what gets you most excited?

A. When it comes to the creative process and brainstorming regarding the brand, we get truly excited! From the very beginning, the challenge was to put all our thoughts on paper to articulate the core messages both graphically and from a content perspective. Just like any designer conceptualizing a collection, we approached our overall branding strategy by creating mood boards! Being visual people who are inspired by fashion, beauty, pop culture, interior design, architectural rendering and the culinary world, we set forth a visual directive for NU EVOLUTION.

We were attracted to purple due to its majestic affiliations in addition to having been the love of fashion designers for decades; both reasons fueled our commitment to solidifying that signature color for NU EVOLUTION. To add an ode to the fashion and interior design industries, we incorporated a chevron print on the inside of our box and throughout elements of our communications materials. Every facet of our brand from graphics, content, names for products, etc. is a labor of love that comes from everything we are passionate about in life!

We are also excited that we can confidently say NU EVOLUTION products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A.


Q. Any secret uses of your products that we should know about?

A. We are all about functionality. We created NU EVOLUTION to be more of a Makeup Artistry brand, like a NARS, BOBBI BROWN, and Laura Mercier to name a few, but with a differentiating feature that it’s made with natural ingredients.

For best results when using NU EVOLUTION Complete Coverage Foundation, we would recommend creating a moisture balm of your favorite oil, shea butter, or your favorite moisturizer on clean skin as a base. This helps to create the perfect canvas to glide the foundation and create a flawless finish.

When applying, press a pump of the product on the back of your hand, then dip your foundation brush in water and mélange the product on the brush (as if the back of your hand is a paint palette). Apply it to the skin one section at a time, followed by using your fingers as a finishing tool to take away the lines (from the brush) and make the product one with the skin.

The formula has a Matte finish, so you have to work with the product quickly. Once it’s applied, the look of one’s skin will be flawless due to having medium to full coverage.

The beauty of this product is that you can create any coverage that you need. If you want less coverage and want more of a tinted moisturizer, simply add a small dot of product to your favorite moisturizer and voila!


Q. What makes you feel beautiful?


When I in the kitchen preparing healthy meals, in addition to working out is when I feel my best. For me, the energy that I feel from within when I am doing something that I enjoy… simply has a positive effect overall.


For me, beauty begins with a positive attitude that inspires me to be the best person I can be every day! When I am able to empower those around me to believe in themselves and love who they are, I not only feel beautiful but on top of the world to achieve great things! Being truly happy, healthy and loved is a precious gift that makes me feel beautiful on the inside and out! It also helps if I am having a great hair day and rocking my favorite NU lipstick, Entice…LOL!


Q. If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

A. That it is never too late to start cleaning up your lifestyle and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task! Making small positive changes that are tangible will help you on the journey to truly look and feel your best! It is amazing how quickly the body responds in a positive way to making healthier choices.


Q. How can we be more conscious consumers to affect change in the beauty industry?

A. We believe in the power of education and bringing it to the forefront of who we are as a brand. It’s not just about selling products! We are taking a proactive role to share information because it is our fiduciary responsibility as humans! We don’t just walk the walk, we talk the talk when it comes to holistic and conscious living. All it takes is one person to share information and empower the person next to you! Think of the great impact we would achieve overall if everyone embodied this philosophy! Sharing is caring and we are fully committed to the cause!

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