Get A Sun-Kissed Glow Without the Sunburn

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Summer is just around the corner. Amidst snowy backgrounds and chilly temperatures, it can be hard to picture blue skies and sunshine—but just imagine! Soon it will be warm enough for family trips to the beach, ice cream excursions and flip flops from the dawn until dusk. Yes, summer is fast approaching, and in some parts of the world, the season is already well under swing. However, many women and men feel that the winter season has left them ill equipped for the warmth of summer. After months of staying indoors and traipsing underneath heavy cloudy skies, you may find your skin to be lackluster, without it’s usual glow. Some opt for tanning beds to restore some color to their skin, but this can be costly and potentially hazardous. So how can you prepare for summer without breaking the bank or endangering your skin?

 While we all love the way sun feels on our skin, increased sun exposure can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and in extreme cases, cancer. The same can be said of the overuse of tanning beds. As you search for a safe yet equally effective alternative to the suns powerful rays, consider using makeup to do the work for you. The use of blush and bronzer is perfect for adding temporary color to your skin and giving you a sun kissed glow—without the sunburn.
BlushNU EVOLUTION's vegan pressed blushes comes in three colors, such as; Soho (rosy), Cosmopolitan (brownish dusty rose) and lastly, Flushed (our natural and organic dupe for NARS' Organism). All three have buildable pigmentation to give your cheeks anything from slight glow to a true pop of color. Our Portofino bronzer gives skin a sunny glow all year around with subtle shimmer and a smooth velvet finish. Use blush and bronzer together for a unique three-dimensional contour or separately for a subtle yet equally beautiful look.BronzerNU EVOLUTION blush and bronzers go beyond beauty. While traditional cosmetics concentrate on surface appearances, we recognize the importance of giving our customers quality products. Your skin is only as healthy as the makeup you use on it—that’s why we’ve banned dozens of harmful chemicals and ingredients from our blushes and bronzers. You won’t find parabens, mineral oil, talc or gluten on our ingredients lists. Instead, we use nourishing ingredients like mineral powder, flower extracts, such as; Lavender and many others.

 Even though it may be a while until it starts to truly feel like summer, get a head start on your summertime makeup routine! You don’t need to wait for warm days and sunshine to get a sun kissed glow. With NU EVOLUTION's blush and bronzer, you can look like you just stepped off the beach--- every day!

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